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DOVE continues to follow public health developments regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus), and will continue to adhere to state and federal public health guidelines regarding policy and practice to ensure safety and well-being for clients, staff, and the general public.


We have adapted our services to meet the changing needs of survivors. Our community office is open, and clients may see staff in-person in our office. We do require that all staff and guests wear a mask, and masks are available in DOVE’'s office. We recommend the highest quality masks available, ideally an N95, KN95 or surgical mask (which are available in office). Cloth masks are inadequate. Additionally, face shields are available.


DOVE staff continue to provide community and legal services via virtual appointments (e.g., zoom, phone, etc.).

If you have any questions, please call our office line at 617.770.4065 x300,

or email us at

Community Based Advocacy & Counseling Update

Legal advocacy updates

Civilian domestic violence advocate update


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