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 Champion of Support 

Thank You To Our Sponsors!

Sarah Perry & Tony Kingsley

Champion Friend

Laurie Doran* & Christopher Wasel

*Current Board Member

Christine* and Anton Nielsen


Healing Sponsor

Karen Albaugh

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Friend Sponsor

Patron Sponsor

Support Sponsor

Dr. Olivia Moorehead-Slaughter* and
Dr. Dennis L. Slaughter

Glenn Ricciardelli

R Moyer Interiors

In Loving Memory of Allison Holmes

The Hale Family

Michael T. &
Mary G. Jenkins

Sue Chandler

*Current Board Member

First Time Sponsor

City of Quincy


Adrienne* &
Jim Gerlach

Nadine & Alexander Steffan

Andrea S. Mintz & Robert C. Fox

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Stefanie Mansfield

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Allison & Alex Anderson

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