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    Join us at our next event! Upcoming Events Week of Harvesting Hope! Fri, Oct 23 Online Event Oct 23, 10:00 AM – Oct 30, 11:00 PM Online Event A new take on DOVE's annual gala! Join us virtually for a week-long celebration of DOVE's programs & services. Share View Website!

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    YOUR DONATIONS COUNT DOVE needs your support. More than 50% of the organization’s operating budget comes from private contributions. Your tax-deductible donation has a direct and positive impact on all those who come through the doors of our shelter and Outreach & Family Services Center. All donations are most appreciated by both DOVE’s staff and the women, children and men served during a time of great crisis and turmoil. We thank you in advance for your generosity! DOVE Inc. is approved as an IRS 501(c) non-profit organization. ​ Tax Identification Number: 04-2667808 DONATE NOW

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    COVID-19 UPDATES DOVE is continuously monitoring the latest developments regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus) and following the direction of our state and federal public health officials. We are making changes in our services to help minimize the risk of virus transmission. ​ While our community office is currently closed, DOVE staff are continuing to provide community and legal services via phone and email until further notice. As a result of the guidance issued by the Governor and public health officials, we are making a few temporary shifts to some of our programs and services and events to minimize the risk of virus transmission, while remaining available to survivors and community members who need us. Please see below. ​ This is a fast-moving and changing situation, and we will continue to follow COVID-19 guidance from the MA Department of Public Health. We will provide timely updates to our website, Facebook, and Instagram feeds as soon as possible. ​ If you have any questions, please call our office line at , or email us at . 617.770.4065 x300 Community Based Advocacy & Counseling Update VIEW Legal advocacy updates VIEW Civilian domestic violence advocate update VIEW Community education and Youthspeak update VIEW fAMILY rESOURCES VIEW

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    Get Involved With DOVE! Join the DOVE Community and help save lives today. I'm interested in learning about: Hosting An Event Lunch & Learn Hosting a Book Club Hosting a Friendraiser Holding a Workplace Drive Hosting a Jean Day at My Office Donating a Cell Phone or Device Matching Gifts Other Submit Thanks for submitting!

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    PARTNER BEHAVIORS AND THINGS TO KNOW DOWNLOAD THIS INFORMATION DOES MY PARTNER? ​ Call me names? ​ Put me down or make me feel bad about myself? ​ Blame me when things to wrong? ​ Get jealous when I go out with friends? ​ Tell me what to wear or what to do? ​ Make me feel like I can't do anything right? ​ Frequently accuse me of cheating on him or her? ​ Push, hit, shove, or threaten me? ​ Control my access to my money? ​ Threaten to harm or kill a pet, or someone I care about? ​ Check up on me? ​ Call or text me all the time? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you may be in an unhealthy or unsafe relationship. You are not alone and support is available. COULD MY RELATIONSHIP BE AFFECTING MY HEALTH? ​ Besides the physical injuries from abuse, the ongoing stress of having a controlling or violent partner can affect other areas of your physical or emotional health. ​ Am I depressed or anxious? Am I over eating and gaining weight? Under eating and losing weight? Do I drink, smoke, or use drugs to cope? Do I have frequent headaches or back / abdominal pain? ​ . People experiencing abuse are 2 times more likely to be in poor health ​ ​ ​ There are safe steps you can take to get help. THINGS TO KNOW ... ​ It is never your fault! ​ Violence affects all of us. It touches people of every culture, race, class, religion, age, gender, and sexual orientation. People with disabilities, immigrants, and refugees often face additional risks. ​ Physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, and financial abuse are used by one person to gain power and control over the other partner. ​ Alcohol and/or drugs do not cause someone to be violent. Violence is a choice. ​ Abuse does not go away over time. It usually gets worse over time. ​ Children are affected when they live in a home with domestic abuse.

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    Individual Counseling & Advocacy Services All services are free and confidential, for more information contact our intake line x300 to schedule an appointment 617.770.4065 DOVE’s Community Advocates work with survivors to help them cope with their experiences and begin the healing process. Community Advocates work with survivors to address and identify safety risks and concerns to develop an individualized safety plan. Community Advocates can support survivors with offering a range of services including: emotional support safety planning & risk assessment resource navigation support making difficult decisions advocacy with and or connection to other service providers as needed. View Our Resources! Support for Family and Friends of Survivors Friends and family members of abuse survivors sometimes feel at a loss for how to support and help their loved one. DOVE provides information, referrals, education, and support to equip non-abusive friends and family members to better understand and support their loved ones. Address Confidentiality Program Assistance Certified through the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, DOVE staff assist clients with the application process of the Address Confidentiality Program. The ACP provides a safe substitute address for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking to use as their legal address, as well as work and/or school address. Victim Compensation Application Assistance DOVE staff assist victims of domestic violence crimes with the application process for the Victim Compensation Program through the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office. ​ For more information contact our intake line x300 to schedule an appointment 617.770.4065

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    Information for Teens & Young Adults DOVE Teen & Young Adult Brochure Defining Domestic Violence Defining Healthy Relationships Relationship Bill of Rights Red Flags: Disguised as Romantic Gestures Cycle of Violence Relationship Spectrum Interactive Safety Planning View More Resources

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    EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES ON DOMESTIC VIOLENCE DOVE Program Brochures View General Domestic Violence Information View Legal Advocacy Resources View Information for Teens & Young Adults View LGBQ/T Resources View DOVE Public Policy & Advocacy Resources Frequently asked questions What is Domestic Violence? “Domestic Violence is not an argument every once in a while or a bad mood after a rough day; it is a pattern of harmful, controlling behavior that someone uses against their partner. Domestic violence is all about power and control and may not always involve physical abuse. It can include emotional/verbal, sexual, financial, and cultural/identity-based abuse and crosses all gender, age, ability, social, ethnic, racial, and economic lines. Abuse is never mutual, and doing everything “right” will not stop it. No one deserves to be threatened, intimidated, or harmed by a partner. You do not have to leave your partner to come to DOVE. You are not alone; help is available.”

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