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DOmestic Violence Ended


that all people have the right to live without fear of abuse. Since our founding in 1978, DOVE has expanded from a crisis hotline to a multi-service organization providing comprehensive direct services and support for victims of dating and domestic violence, as well as their children.


DOVE works specifically with adults, teens, and children who have been abused, emotionally and financially, as well as physically and sexually. DOVE’s services include crisis intervention, danger assessment and safety planning, supportive counseling, emergency shelter, legal advocacy and representation, and community outreach, education, and training.


DOVE remains the only domestic violence shelter and community-based service provider based in Norfolk County, and also serves the greater South Shore. DOVE strives to educate individuals, families and the community at-large to help change the societal conditions that allow domestic violence to persist. Our efforts address the isolation and vulnerability faced by victims of domestic violence and the enormous emotional, psychological, and financial toll violence takes on victims, their children, and the community.

In addition to offering services that increase the safety of survivors, DOVE conducts Outreach and Educational Presentations about domestic violence to civic and community groups; churches and faith-based organizations; schools, colleges, and universities; and others. DOVE provides training for health and social service providers about working with survivors, as well as to businesses and employers regarding policies and practices.

All of our services are grounded in advocacy, survivor-centered and trauma-informed approaches. We respect each person’s right to choose their own path. We offer our resources and expertise to increase safety and access to supports in order to promote well-being. We assist individuals who are at different places in their process, exploring options in the community, pursuing legal remedies or seeking to leave an abusive relationship. We do not tell a person what to do, but rather we support individuals in making their own decisions. Our services are confidential and offered with compassion in a comfortable setting.

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