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Become a Sustainer of Safety

Sustainers can ensure the long-term safety of survivors by giving monthly to DOVE. Monthly giving increases your impact and allows our team to focus on expanding our life-saving services. 

As a sustainer of safety, you can receive:

exclusive updates on how your donation is making an impact month to month

convenience of one tax acknowledgement letter at the end of the year

connecting more with our Board of Directors 


By Giving Monthly

For $10 you could support our Emergency Shelter Residential Staff to answer Hotline Calls 24/7​

For $25 you could support Prevention and Education Outreach and YouthSpeak trainings

For $50 you could help Community Advocates provide for short and long-term needs of survivors

For $100 you could help Legal Attorneys represent survivors in court for family, housing, and immigration law

"After receiving counseling services from DOVE, I realized that my abuse was not my fault and that my actions did not cause my abuser to hurt me.  I was finally able to recognize my self-worth and make better decisions moving forward."

Survivor Served By DOVE

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