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Support Groups
Support Group

All services, including support groups, are free and confidential. 

To join a support group please call our intake line:

617-770-4065 ext. 300 

DOVE’s support groups are 8-weeks long and focused on providing attendees with education around domestic violence while also processing trauma and getting support from others. Each week the group will talk about a topic and gain skills and new understandings. The sessions' themes are as followed: 

  • Session 1: Introduction and Types of Abuse 

  • Session 2: The Cycle of Violence 

  • Session 3: Impact of Domestic Violence on our Bodies 

  • Session 4: Safety Planning 

  • Session 5: Warning Signs 

  • Session 6: Healthy Relationships 

  • Session 7: Boundaries and Self-Esteem 

  • Session 8: Coping Skills and Self-Care 


DOVE offers groups at various times in the year specifically for: 

  • LGBTQIA+ survivors 

  • Parents 

  • Chinese survivors 


For more information on groups at DOVE, please call our intake line:  617-770-4065 ext. 300 

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