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We need your help to fulfill holiday wishlists for families served through DOVE’s Emergency Shelter and Community Services programs.


We invite you to help us brighten a family’s holiday!



To participate, email:


DOVE will provide a list of options where donors can choose to

  • support a specific family,

  • donate general goods to our shelter or,

  • help support our much needed general gift card drive to support our families through the holidays and beyond.


Donors who choose to support a specific family will receive their family’s Holiday Wish List by no later than Friday, December 1st.

To ensure that each of our more than 150 families receive their gifts before the holidays, we ask that donors schedule a time to drop off by

Wednesday December 13th.


More Information about DOVE's Holiday Assistance Program 

Thank you for your interest in DOVE’s Holiday Assistance Program! 


Each holiday season, DOVE’s Holiday Donation Drop-Off location transforms into an amazing workshop of toys and goodies. The generosity of our community brings together gifts, personal care items, clothing, and so much more to fulfill the wish lists of the individuals and families we serve.

Individuals, families, community groups, and corporate teams can join together and ‘adopt a family’ for the holidays. Participating community members are able to bring great joy to what can be a difficult time for domestic violence survivors, uprooted and struggling to build self-sufficient, thriving lives.

DOVE’s Holiday Assistance Program assists families during the holiday season, who may be living in our emergency shelter, transitioning out of shelter into their own housing for the holidays, or who are struggling to make ends meet while building a stable, violence-free life.

How does it work?

  • Donate Goods / Provide for a Family:  Contact DOVE to donate to one of the families we serve in our Emergency Shelter or Community-based Services Program. Donors are given a specific family’s wish list. Families can be as small as a single individual and as large as a parent and 6 children. Donors should plan to spend roughly $100 per family member.

  • Wrap and deliver: Purchase wrapping supplies and bring them along with your gifts (please do not pre-wrap).

Help make someone’s holiday warmer and brighter! 


Interested? Please contact:

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