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On behalf of DOVE’s staff, Board of Directors, and the Harvesting Hope event committee members, thank you for supporting DOVE’s Harvesting Hope 2021 Gala and Fundraiser. You helped us raise more than $275,000 for DOVE’s lifesaving programs serving victims and survivors of domestic and partner violence.


This year, DOVE strove to secure resources for the increased needs of survivors caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our advocates put the safety of our families in shelter at the forefront of our efforts by moving individuals into efficiency apartments thanks to the generous funding from the Town of Quincy. Harvesting Hope was organized to empower supporters in our community to help continue DOVE’s essential work that is in more demand than ever. We envisioned this event to build hope for our survivors during these challenging times, hope for our supporters that every individual can make a difference, and hope for DOVE’s team that our work provides lifesaving effects. Harvesting Hope encompasses our mission to promote hope, healing, safety, and social change so all of us can work together to end domestic and partner violence. Thank you so much for building hope with us, and making this fundraiser the success that it was.


As our motto for Harvesting Hope declares, “Help Save Lives and Families.” Take this motto with you beyond Harvesting Hope and join DOVE as we continue every day to empower survivors to build a life free from violence and fear. Together, we can accomplish much more. Thank you for your support and commitment to ending domestic and partner violence. 

Please enjoy a wonderful video remembering our event!

Thank You Everyone!