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Domestic Violence Awareness Month: DOVE understands reaching out is hard in Asian communities

Despite varying visibility and level of awareness, partner abuse exists in every society and community as a hidden epidemic. In the United States, domestic violence has been recognized as a public health crisis due to its prevalence and damage to not only individuals and families but for communities at large. Among Asian communities, research has shown concerning rates of partner abuse and noted that awareness awaits to be raised.

Culturally specific understanding is essential to support cultures and identities. Compared with other racial and ethnic groups, Asians are way less likely to seek help in general for various reasons, often with culturally influenced barriers. For example, in some Asian cultures, abuse is considered a strictly familial matter; therefore, reaching out for professional help brings shame to the family. For immigrants, one might be apprehensive about interacting with systems and want to keep it to themselves. Thinking of the common good and sacrificing the self often get in the way of taking that first step out. More importantly, culturally sensitive services are often not available, as the most significant barrier. As Quincy becomes a city with the second-largest population of Chinese families in the Greater Boston area, the diverse Quincy communities have a right to know that DOVE is available to them.

At DOVE, we understand the complicated dynamics in abuse and

center in individual experiences and cultures. Getting services doesn’t mean there is a stationary solution for everyone. It means that you are not alone, and support is available. To inquire about DOVE services, call 617-770-4065.


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