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Prevention & Education


Domestic Violence Awareness Training

DOVE offers a 35 hour Domestic Violence Awareness training twice annually, once in the Fall (September/October) and once in the Spring (March/April). Trainings are complete with expert speakers, videos, and role-plays, and provide a comprehensive overview of issues related to dating and domestic violence, as well as working with survivors. Attendees can attend one or all ten sessions. Sessions are approved for social work CEUS.

Request a Community Training / Workshop

To raise awareness and prevent domestic violence, DOVE, Inc. offers trainings, workshops and seminars to law enforcement, health care professionals, schools, businesses, social service providers, religious organizations and the community. Trainings include topics such as: Talking to Children about Domestic Violence, Dating Violence in College/University Communities, How to Support Family Members and Friends Experiencing Abuse, Healthy and Abusive Relationships 101, and much more.


YouthSpeak, DOVE’s Healthy Relationship Education and Abuse Prevention Program, educates students and young adults on the complex issues of dating and relationships while supporting and empowering youth to become leaders and agents for change in their communities. 


Middle and High Schools are offered three different levels of increasing engagement, from one-time classroom presentations by DOVE staff to health classes, to a comprehensive peer led program with monthly meetings. 

DOVE also offers a six-part middle school series for 6th through 8th graders with six cumulative interactive workshops. 

Check Out YouthSpeak:

Youth Advocate Summits

During the summer, DOVE offers a four day, 20-hour Youth Advocate Summit for all students across Norfolk County interested in taking a more in depth look at the root causes of abuse, sex and consent, growing their media literacy skills and learning how they can support their friends and peers experiencing abuse.

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YouthSpeak Sign Up
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This session is open to any high school student attending school in Quincy.*

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This session is open to ALL students regardless of which school you attend.*

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This session is open to any high school student attending school in Holbrook and Randolph.*

* exceptions can be made on a basis of availability. Please contact for more information.

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