Chinese Advocacy Program


Cultural and linguistic barriers are often present in survivor’s consideration to seek help and access services. It is DOVE’s mission to partner with diverse communities, families, and individuals impacted by partner abuse from all backgrounds.



Considering the remarkable representation of Asian communities, particularly Chinese immigrants in DOVE’s catchment area, DOVE provides culturally and linguistically specific, client-centered, and trauma-informed supportive counseling, advocacy, and assistance to survivors seen through DOVE’s community-based services in one or more of the following:



  • Emotional support

  • 情感支持

  • Culturally specific danger assessment and safety planning

  • 针对特定文化的危险评估和安全规划

  • Crisis intervention

  • 危机干预

  • Connecting survivors with internal and external services and referrals, e.g. legal and immigration, housing, healthcare, and benefits advocacy

  • 链接内外部服务和转介,例如法律和移民,住房,医疗保健,和福利倡导

  • Psycho-educational and/or support groups

  • 心理教育和/或支持小组

In addition, DOVE provides targeted outreach to Chinese/Chinese American communities in the form of information-sharing, consultation, training, and workshop tailored to specific needs to promote awareness of partner violence among community members, service providers, and other relevant groups.



All services are free and confidential

Services are offered in Mandarin Chinese and English


For more information, contact the Chinese Advocacy and Outreach Coordinator at (617)770-4065 ext. 304

or call our counseling inquiry helpline (617)770-4065 ext. 300



进一步了解请联络华人倡导和外展协调员, 电话 (617)770-4065 分机号304

或致电我们的咨询服务热线(617)770-4065 分机号 300

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